Gongfu Tea Ceremony

Gongfu Tea Ceremony
Experience innovative fine fusion cuisine with the finest hand picked teas from around the world brewed on your tableside in an ancient Chinese way.

Available choices:
Lao Banzhang 29
Vintage raw Pu-Erh from the most superiorly dominant village.
Dahongpao 19
King of the Wuyi rock oolong tea.
Dayuling Oolong 25
From Taiwan, one of the highest tea farms in the world (more than 2,600 meters above the sea level)
Wild Lapsang Souchong 15
Honey and caramel flavor with a hint of cocoa. The mother of all black teas.
Tie Guan Yin 18
Green Oolong from Anxi Fujian, floral, a hint of honeysuckle.

Prices are tea service for 2 guests. Add $5 for each additional guest. Allow 30 minutes minimum.
All Gongfu Tea Ceremony by reservation only
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